Bootleggers pairs perfectly with
your favorite eats from the South.

BEEF ...
Grilled steaks, smoked brisket and prime rib demand a complex, full-bodied wine. Next time you're grilling, roasting or smoking, go with our Bootleggers Red Table Wine or step it up with some Homegrown Blackberry Wine.

PORK ... Depending on your dish, you can go "all in" with any of our reds or step back and complement lighter pork dishes with a lighter wine. Our customers swear by our Homegrown Scuppernong paired with grilled pork tenderloin. It's also great with pulled pork barbecue.

CHICKEN ... Country fried chicken with our Bootleggers White Table Wine is a must, my dear. Or, try your next bird (or even quail) with some Homegrown Scuppernong. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

FISH ... Just about any grilled fish with a fruit chutney will pair perfectly with one of our fruit-infused wines. If you're frying trout or catfish, we suggest a glass of Homegrown Scuppernong.

WILD GAME ... If you've bagged some duck, deer or pheasant, don't delay with our Homegrown Blackberry Wine, which will add a seasonal feel to your festivities. Bootleggers Red Table Wine will also do the trick, and if your dish is herby or fruity, try it with our Homegrown Scuppernong.

VEGGIES ... If you're vegan or just veggin' out for the day, we have your wine. Roasted eggplants and artichokes go great with Bootleggers White Table Wine, Homegrown Scuppernong, and Bootleggers Red Table Wine. Also try our Bootleggers Red Table Wine with pasta primavera. Buon appetito!

CHEESE ... Here's where things can get funky! Any of the blue-veined cheeses, like Stilton, Roquefort or Gorgonzola, will go great with our Homegrown Srawberry, Blackberry, and Scuppernong wines. Smoked Gouda or Swiss with Muscadine Blush is a favorite, as is our Bootleggers White Table Wine with Fontina, Cheddar, or Brie.

SWEETS ... They don't call it Redneck Reserve Dessert Wine for nothing! Have some with any rich dessert: chocolate cake, raspberry tart, or even blue cheese. If you're serving peach, strawberry or blackberry pie, serve it with our like-named wine to double your pleasure.

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